Santa Lucia Score

This is a digital sheet music of Santa Lucia piano solo arrangement. Piano expresses the night beauty of Saint Lucy in Naples.

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Score Details

Santa Lucia Piano Sheet MusicArrangement: Akiko Kondo
File Format: PDF
Page: 2
Size: 62.4KB
Key: D flat Major
Difficulty: Intermediate
Copyright: ©Astration Ltd.

Santa Lucia Audio File

Please enjoy listening to the music with your audio players. Listening to this music is also effective to practice and master this piece.

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Audio Details

Arrangement: Akiko Kondo
Player: Akiko Kondo
File Format: MP3
Length: 2:15
Size: 3.09M
Copyright: ©Astration Ltd.

Music interpretation

Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy) is said to be a patron saint of Naples, Italy. And Santa Lucia which faces the bay of Naples is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. Besides, the scenery is fantastic not only in the day but also in the night. So this barcarole (sailor’s song) expresses the beauty of Santa Lucia and the pleasure in sailing. The boatman in this song invites people to go on board and enjoy the cool evening breeze. This piano arrangement expresses the sparkling night view of the harbor and comfortable waves of the sea.

The music styles and moods

romantic, canzone, pianistic, brilliant, pleasant