Japanese Folk Songs

This is a list of traditional Japanese folk songs sheet music piano solo arrangements.
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Haru no Umi SCORE
Price: ¥800
Sakura Sakura SCORE
Price: ¥750
Furusato SCORE
Price: ¥650
Hamabe no Uta SCORE
Price: ¥650
Konpira Fune Fune SCORE
Price: ¥550

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Piano tune accentuate the delicate beauty of Japan

Traditional Japanese Folk Songs Piano Sheet Music
Many of traditional Japanese music use pentatonic scales. And traditional Japanese pentatonic scales are generally not major or minor. Furthermore, the moods are ambiguous, delicate, and fragile. So they also seems to be exotic and mysterious.

After the period of isolation (Edo period), European music flow in Japan. As a result, European music, especially Irish folk songs or Scottish folk songs had a great effect on traditional Japanese songs. In addition to that, traditional Japanese folk music include Geisha music. (Geisha are Japanese hostesses to entertain people with conversation, dance, and song in traditional Japanese-style tatami rooms.)

Japan has four seasons. So the themes of traditional Japanese folk songs are mainly the praises of four seasons, nature, and traditional annual events. And the motifs of traditional Japanese folk songs are also love for their hometown.

In conclusion, listeners in the world as well as Japanese feel nostalgia and tenderness when they listen to traditional Japanese folk songs.