Impulse (Album)

Akiko Kondo released new song album “Impulse”. She handled music, lyrics, arrangement, performance, recording, mixing, and mastering of this album. (2021.4.6)
You can listen to the songs on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Deezer.
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Song Album "Impulse"
“Impulse” Jacket Photo

Endless Dance Night (Music Video)

“Endless Dance Night” is a dance song and the first track on the album “Impulse”. Akiko Kondo handled deep house club music with Steinway piano sound.

Catch Me in the Paradise (Music Video)

“Catch Me in the Paradise” is the second track on the song album “impulse”. It’s a samba-style English song about the the pleasure of travelling.

Anytime Anywhere (Music Video)

“Anytime Anywhere” is the third track on the song album “impulse”. It’s a sparkling love song which makes listeners feel happy. And You can enjoy the brilliant piano accompaniment.

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