Sakura Sakura Score

This is the piano solo arrangement of “Sakura Sakura”, one of the most popular traditional Japanese folk songs.

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Score Details

Sakura Sakura piano sheet music
Arrangement: Akiko Kondo
File Format: PDF
Page: 3
Size: 74.6KB
Difficulty: Between intermediate and advanced
Copyright: ©Astration Ltd.

Sakura Sakura Audio File

Please enjoy listening to ‘Sakura Sakura’ with your audio players. Listening to the music is also effective to practice and master this piece.

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Audio Details

Arrangement: Akiko Kondo
Player: Akiko Kondo
File Format: MP3
Length: 2:37
Size: 3.60M
Copyright: ©Astration Ltd.

Music interpretation

‘Sakura’ means cherry blossoms. Cherry Blossoms is the national flower of Japan. In Spring, Japanese people feel excited to see the cherry blossoms. However, the period of the bloom is very short. So Japanese people enjoy the brilliance of cherry blossoms and the fragile beauty of falling petals. This folk song is said to have been composed for an etude of koto (a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings) in the Edo period.

How to play this Sakura Sakura Piano Arrangement

You should play the tune with legato to express elegance and fragility of cherry blossoms. And at the last part of the music, play arpeggios melodiously as if the petals of cherry blossoms were dancing.

The music styles and moods

elegant, sophisticated, delicate, Japanese beauty

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