Dark Eyes (Ochi Chernye) Score

This is a digital sheet music of Dark Eyes piano solo arrangement. Dark Eyes (Ochi Chernye) is the most romantic love song in traditional Russian fork music. It is also an exotic and gypsy-style dance music arrangement.

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Score Details

Arrangement: Akiko Kondo
File Format: PDF
Page: 4
Size: 92.2KB
Key:  A Flat Minor
Difficulty:  Between intermediate and advanced
Copyright: ©Astration Ltd.

Dark Eyes Audio File

Please enjoy listening to the music with your audio players. Listening to this music is also effective to practice and master this piece.

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Audio Details

Arrangement: Akiko Kondo
Player: Akiko Kondo
File Format: MP3
Length: 2:46
Size: 3.82M
Copyright: ©Astration Ltd.

Music interpretation

It is said that Dark Eyes (Ochi Chernye) was originally created in the middle of the 19th century. This Romantic music expresses a man who is under the spell of a woman with attractive dark (black) eyes. The woman whom he loves is a gypsy (Roma). He gets addicted to her although he is afraid of the destiny to find her. His love pain makes his heart grow fonder. This song is very popular and loved not only in Russia but also all over the world.

How to play this Dark Eyes Piano Arrangement

This piece is so romantic and emotional. If you put much expression in your playing the music, your performance will be more attractive. First of all, let’s play the tune with sweet sorrow at the early part of this piece. Next, you need to play the piano in a rhythmic pace at the middle part of the tune while imaging a gypsy is dancing. When the music heads for the melodic climax, play arpeggios fast, correctly and passionately as if the man was loving the gypsy woman more and more.

The music styles and moods

dance, romantic, gypsy music, exotic, pianistic

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